Personalized AI for Self-Sovereign Digital Lives

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Self-Sovereign, Personal AI

Hyphen envisions a future where self-sovereignty is the norm in our digital lives. We aim to empower individuals with personalized AI assistants that learn, adapt, and grow with them, all while respecting and protecting their data and privacy.

Our vision is to enable every individual to own their digital presence, with AI as a trusted and personalized partner in their journey through life.

Yngvi Karlson
Co-founder & CGO
Venture Capital w/ 25+ investment. Crypto since 2013 and specialized in ‘Growth’.
Kasper Juul
Co-founder & CEO
Scaled companies throughout Asia & commercialised tech at MIT and Harvard.
Simon Henriksen
Co-founder & CTO  
Experienced tech founder with a passion for new technology and high-paced environments.
Phillip Essy-Ehsing
Lead Engineer
Full-stack engineer with strong UI/UX skills. Ex Moralis (Web3 Developer Platform)