The future of
AI is personal

Personal AI's should be

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Introducing Hyphen AI


It’s not magic, but it’s close...

Imagine having an AI with superpowers that knows you better than you know yourself. It anticipates your needs and provides personalized recommendations to make your life easier, more efficient, and more magical than ever.

Helps you understand yourself better & keep track of your life

Learns your preferences, behaviors, habits & relationships

Keeps your data fully private and always yours to keep

& Digital brain

The brain that makes it possible

Just like your own brain,  your AI constantly digests sensory inputs and tries to make sense of it. The inputs are a combination of your digital footprints (APIs)  and the interactions you have with the AI.

Turns raw information into memories & knowledge

Maintains a complex network of entities and relationships

Actively self-reflects and derives new knowledge from existing

Efficient retrieval of relevant knowledge based on context

Made possible by

Uniting two worlds

We're merging the breakthroughs in digital trust, data ownership, and open-source, privately-hosted ML models to provide a truly personal AI that is entirely private.

Digital Wallet

Your keys to control it all

Digital Wallet

Your HQ

Ai Engine

Secure & Private Models


Encrypted data storage & trusted execution

Your Digital Brain

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Hyphen AI

Your personal AI

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The future of ai

What happens when you combine an AI that truly knows you with a digital wallet?

When you have an AI that has comprehensive knowledge about you and a digital wallet, it creates a secure and personalized way to manage digital identities and transactions, providing benefits like improved privacy, security, trust and convenience.

Take actions, proving it’s acting on your behalf

Make trusted interactions & transactions with other AIs

Make payments using the digital wallet

Personalize experiences for you online & offline


We cannot access your data, even if we wanted to.

All your data is yours, forever, including the state of the AI brain. You don’t have trust our privacy policy, trust the technology.

Our platform is built on a new paradigm of self-sovereign identity and control of private data.

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The future of AI is Personal

Don't trust it before you control it

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How can you ensure 100% privacy and data security?

Personal AIs should be as private like Signal and as Secure like 1Password.

We ensure that only you have access to your data and your personal AI. Not even Hyphen can access anything that you do - even if somebody put a gun to our head.

All your data gets stored in your encrypted personal database that we create for you but that you own, secured with a private key generated for your eyes only. Your private keys are managed through

Hyphen uses Decentralized Web Nodes (DWN) to ensure privacy, control, and security. This approach eliminates the need for a central authority, making your data more resistant to hacking or tampering.

Simply interact with Hyphen by text, voice or connect your apps or data source of your choice through the Hyphen app or SDK and you’re good to go.

It is possible to build data connections into your DWN through our SDK and Zero Trust Bridge.

Does Hyphen work across devices?

Yes. It is a synchronized as using Google Cloud. You can summon your Hyphen AI anywhere in the world and through any device. Hyphen is built on a Digital Wallet infrastructure and connected to Decentralized Web Nodes for data storage, which means that nothing is bound to your local device. Everything is always in sync, so if you interact with your AI on your phone, it will also work for your with perfect memory on a public computer in Dubai - as long as you are the one summoning your AI with your private keys.

What data can I connect to Hyphen?

You can speak and write to your digital brain in Hyphen and help it getting to know you and understand you. Hyphen as a journaling feature, mood tracker and various ways of exploring your personality and identity through research backed questionnaires and surveys. Further more you can connect your calendar, apps or whatever data source makes sense to you. Some data sources and apps are already ready to be connected into Hyphen and we offer a SDK for developers to build their own data integrations. These data integrations can be used by anyone.

What is Hyphen?

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What is Hyphen?

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